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Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum

Immunocal Platinum is a natural food supplement that is made of whey protein isolate that works by helping the body to maintain its optimal level of glutathione by providing the needed precursors for the synthesis of glutathione in the body cells. Glutathione is vital because it recycles the antioxidants that protect us from free radicals and diseases, and it is also an essential factor in controlling inflammation. It is FDA approved and is in the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) category. Immunocal comes with several US patents.

How Immunocal Functions

This version of the Immunocal is created specifically to address the health requirements of people who are over 45 years old by promoting an overall well- being which includes optimal functions of the kidney and the muscles, healthy immune system, bone health which reduces the loss of calcium and delay the signs of aging. This product also creates a positive impact on the cardiovascular system as well as the condition of the skin. More importantly, it also enhances the glutathione levels in the body cells and in a natural way which then enables it to repair damaged cells and helps improve a person’s alertness, clarity, mood, energy, and concentration. Immunocal delivers crucial glutathione precursors to the cell.

The primary component of this product is undenatured whey protein isolate and contains less than 1% lactose. Two other ingredients are added to this natural food supplement, and these are RMF or Redox Modulating Formula and CMP or Cytokine Modulating Peptides. This product comes with a proprietary blend of citrate minerals which is responsible for reducing acidity levels in the body while at the same time restoring the natural PH balance. What makes it unique is its formulation and proprietary manufacturing process that is developed by Immunotec, wherein the essential disulfide bonds in the cysteine, which is a glutathione precursor are preserved. Because of this process, a delicate protein is provided to the cell and allows the body to produce glutathione which then enables the immunity level to be maximized. Another great thing about Immunocal is that it does not contain any additives.

It is important for the precursors to be kept intact during the manufacturing and mixing process to boost immunity. This product must not be heated or mixed in a harsh way to maintain its bioactivity. There are also other whey protein products in the market that may be good sources of nutrition as well, but what sets this natural food supplement apart is that it has been proven to raise glutathione levels and boost immunity. Other whey protein products also go through harsh methods and extreme heat which loses the efficacy of the product.

Who cannot take this product?

Although this is a natural supplement, there are some individuals who may not be allowed to use Immunocal. Some of these are those with medical conditions such as people with allergy to milk protein and those who have had an organ transplant and maybe taking immunosuppressant therapy. Lactose intolerants may tolerate this product because its lactose component is only below 1% which is very minimal. It is important to note however that lactose intolerance is different from milk protein allergy.

It is best to consult your health care provider before starting to take this natural food supplement to ensure your safety and to know as well the recommended dosage for your condition.

Proper storage and recommended dosage of the product

This product comes in a low- density polyethylene with foil layers packaging which is not recyclable, and each sachet contains 9 grams of protein. To maintain its shelf- life and keep its efficacy, it must be stored at cool temperatures that range from 70 to 90F or 21 to 32C. Knowing the proper recommended dosage is always necessary to avoid experiencing side effects. This natural food supplement is a dehydrated powdered whey protein that must be properly rehydrated before use and should either be taken on an empty stomach or along with a light meal. This product is not advised to be taken with another high protein supplement or medicine as it may affect the absorption.

20 grams per day is recommended for those with mild to moderate medical issues. There has been no report of overdose according to reviews, but some rare side effects can be experienced if the powder is not prepared properly. Some of these side effects include cramps, gastrointestinal bloating, decreased appetite, thirst, nausea, headache, or diarrhea.

Because this supplement is natural, it has limitations in mentioning about medical claims and it is not also designed to either cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any health conditions including cancer though in many reviews, patients claim that this supplement helps them to feel well every time they use it.

Where is this natural health supplement listed?

If you try to search for this supplement and check on the reviews, you will find that it is listed in the PDR or the Physicians’ Desk Reference and The Pharmacist’s Red Book. In Canada, it is listed in the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties. This supplement is eligible as well for coverage under Medicare or Medicaid in the United States.

What do people say in the reviews?

As with any other new item that is out in the market, people have different and varying comments and every individual that has used it gives out a different review because each immunocal review is based on the patient’s personal experience.

Here are some immunocal reviews from different patients who have used this natural supplement in various periods of time:

  • According to 25 to 34 females who have used this supplement for around 5 to below 10 treatments, and also for 35 to 44 males on 1 to below 2 years of treatment have given the same information about the effects that it had on them. Comments were about the supplement’s effectiveness, easy usability, and satisfaction rate. For these groups of people, a review had shown that the supplement was highly effective, very easy to use, and they were all highly satisfied with the product. Comments also mentioned that it was effective for those who had health issues and that those who used it on a regular basis do not get sick anymore.
  • Information on 55 to 64 males who used the supplement for 5 to 10 years had comments that this was not very effective on them and did not think that it was easy to use. Their review also mentioned that they were only a little satisfied with the supplement.
  • Comments made by 65 to 74 males who had more than 10 years of experience with this supplement gave this information: They mentioned that it was very effective for them and that they did not have any trouble at all using the product. These groups of patients said that they were greatly satisfied when they used it.

Some cancer patients have also tried this natural supplement and shared that their condition got better. They mentioned that their cancer shrunk and that their numbers have improved. And if you search for comments about people with diabetes who have tried it, they shared that the supplement was able to control their conditions, but their concern as mentioned in the comments was that this item was pretty expensive for them.

Although most comments were positive, there were also some very few negative comments about it. One complained about the packaging and said that it was poor and that the other sachets in the package did not mix well with water. They were not happy with it because it did not work properly with them and found it too expensive which made it not worth it for this individual. Another person mentioned that when they got the package, it was defective and incomplete.

Going back to positive comments, some cancer patients say that when they started taking this supplement, they did not lose weight or get sick while under strong chemo treatment. Now some of them are cancer-free and are still taking it. Stroke patients on the other hand made comments that this was very helpful for them as it helped them to recover.

If you are a new user of this natural supplement, you can find Immunocal Walmart, and it would be more effective if you combine it with a healthy lifestyle. Using Immunocal rights reserved will help you improve your immunity.

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